2020 Wasn’t All Bad

Over the last year a lot has changed, we received the best news we ever could have imaged and welcomed our little girl into the world on June 18th.

Between the last post and now there’s been a lot going on. Let’s start with my pregnancy. I was beyond blessed to have a very easy and uneventful pregnancy. I suffered from some morning/all day nausea but thankfully that subsided around week 15. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at week 28, and although that isn’t the news you want to hear I took it as a positive. I immediately began eating healthy and was able to slow my pregnancy weight gain drastically. With the healthy diet I was able to control the diagnosis and not need any medications. And thankfully, Savannah was perfectly healthy.

Then came March 12th, 2020 and the world shut down due to COVID-19. Being pregnant during a pandemic was a bit stressful. My dream baby shower was cancelled, Juan was no longer allowed to attend doctors’ appointments and spending time with family and friends was nonexistent. And although there were some stressful events, being able to work from home in the “uncomfortable” stages of pregnancy was AMAZING.

On June 16th my doctor decided to induce me. I was 39 weeks and 3 days. Typically, as long as everything is going smooth, doctors will wait until 41 weeks to induce. However, due to my diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes my doctor was nervous of the size of Savannah and didn’t want me to go much longer. I went in the evening of June 16th and immediately began the induction process. After 12 hours I had made ZERO progress. I was not dilated at all. They tried a few other induction procedures but I still was making no progress; which resulted in a c-section.

Our baby girl was welcomed into the world on June 18, 2020 at 8:17am weighing 7lbs 5oz. She was PERFECT. Once I held that little girl in my arms for the first time, I completely forgot about the hell we had to go through, to get there. Every single heart ache, tear, shot, pill, penny and years longing for her, were immediately forgotten.

Time has quickly flown by as Savannah is now TEN months old. She is the absolutely light of our lives. Although COVID has kept Savannah from meeting MANY important people in our lives, it has allowed Juan and I to work from home, and we wouldn’t trade that for the world.

We have been asked a few times “when’s baby number two?”, which I totally understand the curiosity. But its also not that easy. We initially (prior to COVID) wanted to go back IMMEDIATELY, but decided to hold off until we felt it was safe. Now that we feel the end of this year would be “safe”, we debated and decided to hold off until April 2022. We have a few events planned for beginning of 2022, and truly want to soak up these events with Savannah and not have to be on an emotional roller coaster.

So for now, we will continue to soak up the cutest little miracle there ever was!



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