Our Love Story

For starters, my name is Danielle and my husband’s name is Juan. We met junior year of High School and have been together ever since.

I moved to southwest Florida when I was 11 from Cape Cod, MA and Juan moved to southwest Florida from Colombia, South America when he was 13. Juan was the high school soccer star (not kidding) and I was the average high school girl. I wasn’t popular, didn’t play sports, but I was friendly with most people. Juan and I were friends with the same people but never crossed paths until Junior year when we had 2 classes together. Our clique of friends began to grow closer as did our friendship with one another. It did not take long for our friendship to grow flirtatious. I mean, come on, what “friend” attends EVERY home soccer game, even if it’s raining!

After months of friendship, standing on the sideline of a soccer field in between games of a soccer tournament Juan asked me to prom. We gathered up a group of friends and rented a limo. As the evening at prom began to come to an end, the limo dropped the first group off and Juan asked to speak to me alone. He walked me behind the limo and simply asked me to be his girlfriend, to which my response surprised me. I said “yes.”

We continued dating into our senior year. I spent the year sitting in the bleachers for every single one of Juan’s soccer games, convincing my mom to travel 3 hours and stay at a hotel for his All State games, and attending both homecoming and prom together. The days were dwindling down to graduation and we had both applied to a few schools, with the hope that we would get into USF together. The letters finally came in the mail; Juan was accepted, I was denied. We were just two high school kids, the decision should have been obvious; he would go to USF, no questions asked. But that didn’t happen. Juan decided not to attend USF, which went against everyone’s suggestions (even mine), and stayed local to attend FGCU with me.  Looking back, I don’t know what I would have done if he had left.

Through 2 years of high school and 4 years of college, most couples would have grown apart or parted ways; but we stuck together through it all. In January 2012, our senior year of college, Juan took me to Sanibel beach for a picnic on the beach (which was not unusual since he’s the romantic one in the relationship). There, he got down on one knee and proposed. Of course, I said yes! A little over a year later, in April 2013, we got married.

Since then we have become fur parents to our dogs Blake and Parker, built our beautiful house, and made southwest Florida the place we call home. Besides having fertility issues, we are your typical 27 year old married couple; we play indoor soccer, go out on the weekends, and love being around our friends. On a typical sunny weekend you’ll find us with our pups in our backyard, or on the beach soaking up the sun. I have learned that our infertility does not define us; it is just another bump on the road of life.

Juan and I CollageBlake Collage.jpgParker Collage