Today you are one. And I am not sure you realize how much of a miracle you truly are.

I can’t even believe that one year ago I heard your cry for the first time. That it’s only been one year with you, yet it feels like you’ve always been here.

I felt a ton of bricks lift off my shoulders as your little 7lb 5-ounce body was placed on my chest. You were here, you were finally here. I had dreamed of that day for years and am so thankful I was able to experience it.

Throughout the past year, there have been so many times when I’ve wanted time to stop, because the moments were too good to let pass. But yet I knew, letting those memories pass only meant there were more memories to be made.

People always said “don’t blink”, “cherish those newborn snuggles”, “time flies”; to all of which I rolled my eyes. And now I’m replaying this year in my head thinking, “did I soak in enough moments?”, “did I enjoy enough snuggles?”, “where did the time go?”.

This past year will be something I will never forget. It’s a year that you have filled my heart with more joy than I could have ever even imagined. You were the easiest baby and made every day incredible, yes even the days with blow outs 😊

This past year we grew, together. You continued to learn something every day and I learned a love I had never felt before.

When you learned to smile, I learned to have my phone close to capture those sweet smiles.

You loved the sound of the vacuum to sleep and I learned I could sleep without silence.

When you learned to lift your head, I learned to celebrate in silence; so, I didn’t scare you.

You began to sleep longer stretches at night and I learned to fall asleep QUICK, to get the most sleep out of those stretches.

You began to coo and giggle and I learned my new favorite noises.

You began to sleep through the night and I learned to appreciate a good night’s sleep.

You learned to sit up on your own and I learned you were growing way too fast.

You learned your mom was a bit crazy and I learned that being the perfect mom isn’t about looking perfect, but being present.

You began to eat real foods and I quickly realized how terrified I was of you choking.

You learned to play with your toys and be silly and I learned nothing gave me more joy, than sitting there watching you play.

You learned who your “people” were and I learned that it takes a village to raise a baby.

You had your first holidays and I learned why my parents always went above and beyond for holidays; because the joy it brings your children is unmeasurable.

You learned to say “momma” and “dada” and I learned those two words could melt me in seconds.

You learned to pull up to stand, crawl, clap, “sooo big” and wave and I learned such small victories were really huge ones.

You learned your daddy was your best friend and I learned that it was possible to love him even more than I thought I could.

You learned to throw your arms up to be held and I learned there was no greater feeling, than your child wanting you.

This last year we both learned and grew so much. And I hope one day you will understand just how much you mean to me. Savannah Rose, happy first birthday my little miracle. Seeing how much you’ve grown in this last year, makes me so excited to see where we are another year from now. But let’s slow down time so we can enjoy every second of this next year and continue to grow together.

Love, Mom

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