Giving Up Is Not an Option: Part 7

Hi All!

First, I want to apologize for not having any blogs the last few months. We have been moving forward with our fertility treatments. I would like to share just a brief overview of what our past few months have been like.

In April I explained quickly about receiving the call to move forward with treatment and figuring out financially how we would do it. Once we were able to overcome the financial hurdle we moved forward, quickly. We were informed our first egg retrieval would be the first week in June. “First” because we opted to do two egg retrievals for a small additional cost to maximize our chances of this working. Due to having two egg retrievals, that meant two trips to Missouri in two months.

In May it all began, from pills, to shots, to multiple doctors’ appointments, to realizing the mental struggles that came with an out of state doctor. We were informed we would need to be in Missouri on June 3rd but our end date was TBD….um what? Yes, the end date was TBD. We would have to travel to Missouri and have no set return date. It would be anywhere from 4 days to 7 days. We were ready to do anything and everything, however trying to tell work and your dog sitter “we aren’t sure when we will return” as well as not having a flight home and not knowing how long to book the hotel for was a mental game within itself. Towards the middle of May, the shots and medication began, 3 shots a day (each to be given at certain times), 2 pills a day (each at different times), and multiple doctors’ appointments.

In June we made our journey to Missouri, with no return flight. We were filled with nerves, excitement, and confusion. We were so excited we would FINALLY meet our doctor. In addition, we were gifted the SWEETEST gesture of Stanley Cup Finals tickets from a friend who wanted us to have something to “keep our minds off of the stress,” and did it ever! In addition to the excitement there was a lot of nervousness going on. We were not sure when we were coming home, we weren’t sure of how this whole procedure would go, we weren’t sure if we booked the hotel long enough, we wanted to be money conscious but didn’t want to sit in the hotel room the whole time. It was a lot. But we managed to enjoy Missouri, our time together and prep for July. When we walked into MCRM (the doctor’s office) the vibe was like nothing I’ve ever seen. From the front desk, to the staff in the hallways, to our incredible doctor, EVERY SINGLE PERSON was incredible! Absolutely freaking incredible. They made us feel amazing!

We thankfully were informed on day 2 (June 4th) that my egg retrieval would be June 6th. We immediately looked into flights home and realized driving would save us about $700 (yes, the price for a flight home was insane). Then, thankfully my amazing husband found a smaller airport that had direct flights to Punta Gorda. Come day 3, I was becoming home sick, I was wondering if this was all worth it, I was missing home and my dogs (yes, I am a crazy dog mom) and just kept trying to picture the final outcome of it all and drove myself to tears on multiple occasions. It was finally THE day. We got there at 11am and the procedure was completed at 12pm and we were out of the office by 1pm. I had 14 eggs retrieved with 13 being mature. This was fantastic news! Recovery the day of and the day after was rough. I was in A LOT of pain. We flew home Saturday the 8th and began to prep for the next procedure.

I got about a week off of medications and then immediately began again. I felt a litter more relieved going into this next egg retrieval knowing what to expect. However, it was the same scenario as the first egg retrieval, being informed we needed to be in Missouri on July 15th with a return date of TBD. But with knowing how our last trip went we anticipated the same days gone. On July 15th we headed back to Missouri. We again wanted to be conscious of spending money and felt as though we had seen everything we wanted to see the first time. Thus, this trip consisted of a lot of LivePD in the hotel room. To just give you a glimpse into the glamorous life of IVF, we decided to go to the movies to see The Lion King at 6:30pm Friday night. We got the call after purchasing our movie tickets that the egg retrieval would be Saturday, thus my “trigger shot” would have to be administered at 6:45pm. OH FUN! I figured no worries, I will go into the large stall and administer the shot. Unfortunately, when I got to the restroom the large stall was being used by a mother and her child, and I needed to administer the shot ASAP. So, I did what I had to do and went into a regular sized stall. To administer this shot you need one needle to extract the medication and then change the needle to the administrating needle. Sounds easy, right? Until you are in a restroom stall trying to sanitize your every move with alcohol wipes, but in the end, it got done.

I was very anxious going into this egg retrieval knowing the pain I had after the first. Especially since we would be flying out Saturday night (hours after the procedure). Thankfully I had very minimal pain and getting home was a lot less painless than I had imagined.

This egg retrieval they retrieved 16 eggs, 15 of which were mature. So, we had a total of 29 eggs. This trip was when the eggs would be fertilized. We got the update on Monday that 21 of them had fertilized normally. Friday, we got the call that 5 of the embryos made it to day 5 or the “blastocyst” stage. Which I was so excited for, but I knew the next step of genetic testing was the news I really needed to hear. The following Friday 8/2 we got the news that 2 of the 5 embryos were genetically/chromosomally abnormal, meaning they were not viable embryos; which left us with 3 embryos. This was fantastic yet baffling news. I was ecstatic knowing we had 3 embryos, 3 chances, 3 babies. But also baffled because we started out with 21 fertilized eggs. It was a moment of realization of how fragile the process of having a baby really is.

So, with all this said we have 3 frozen embryos, 2 boys and 1 girl, waiting for our next journey to get one transferred.

Our next journey will be in January 2020. During a few ultrasounds my doctor thought she saw something and wanted clarification. Thankfully it was nothing, however due to the time spent on tests we unfortunately missed any open appointments in October. The clinic does not do any transfers in November and we opted to not do one in December, thus January was our next option. Although January feels like a lifetime away, we are thankful for some time off from this crazy roller coaster.

Although this is just a glimpse of what the last 6 months has been, we can’t thank ya’ll enough for standing by us. For the encouraging words, the shoulders to lean on, and every ounce of love ya’ll give us! We are blessed beyond words for our family and friends.

If anyone going through this journey or anyone wanting additional questions answered, feel free to reach out! I try to be as open as I can, but sometimes miss things 😊


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